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LADIS E-Government projects were primarily based on its experience in, and thorough understanding of, specific business domains. This coupled with the projects that LADIS has undertaken in these domains to build “back-offices” made it the right candidate to avail certain government services to citizens through the various E-Government mechanisms.Read More

LADIS had started by specializing in this sector, which complexity requires a thorough understanding of the legal/legislative systems and procedures as well as extensive knowledge of the latest ICT offerings. Through the different projects that LADIS undertook, its staff' have developed a unique insight into the intricacies of legal/legislative systems and procedures.Read More


The accumulated experience of LADIS staff, acquired during the execution of various projects at the national scale, helped them build a large expertise in the Foreign Trade Sector.Read More

Providing citizens with government services in a flexible and efficient manner is a main concern for any State . And, since Local Administration is considered to be a corner -stone in dealing with citizens all over the country, improving their level and quality of performance typically yields high returns .Read More