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LADIS is an Egyptian IT solutions development shareholding company established in 1996 based in Greater Cairo, Egypt.

LADIS is a microsoft gold partner that has successfully completed a formal Capability Maturity Model integration (CMMI) Level 2 appraisal. The Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) CMMI is a worldwide recognized quality certificate for software that ascertains, through the use of independent appraisers, the maturity level of company software processes.

LADIS specializes in delivering IT solutions and services to the arabic regional institutions and government agencies.

LADIS adopts a rigorous methodology for executing its projects. A typical project starts with a consulting phase to assess client's needs ,This phase is concluded by identifying a set of projects to achieve the vision. Execution of these projects involves mobilizing a versatile team including experts in areas ranging from enterprise architecture, information strategy planning, systems analysis and design, software development, data conversion, support and maintenance, and training, to project and change management. Most projects are executed on turn-key basis, delivering a total solution to the client and, often, extending the services to cover outsourcing and facility management.

As the name implies, LADIS Legislation & Development Information Systems initial activities focused on the Justice Sector. Yet, this has been extended to a multitude of other sectors of which foreign trade and local administration are noteworthy.

Legislation and Development Information Systems “LADIS “ is a shareholding company with the shareholders being:

The Cabinet of Ministers’ Information and Decision Support Center “IDSC” (through its technology fund) .

 The Ministry of Justice (through its Court Buildings Fund) .

IT Investments, a private sector technology investment fund .

 The Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center “RITSEC”