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LADIS has specialized in delivering total, ICT-based solutions to national institutions and government agencies. Through the years, the company has achieved considerable success in the following main sectors:

Judicial Sector
- State Council
- High Constitutional Court
- Court of Cassation
- Court of Appeal
- Courts of First Instance
- Family Courts
- Public Prosecutor, Family affairs
- Public Notary
- Cairo appellate court
- Administrative Prosecution

- E-gov services for:
   Court of Cassation
   Courts of Appeal
   Primary Courts
   Family Courts

- Public Notary Authority
- Legal Portal

Local Administration
- Cairo Governorate, Local Authority
- Citiy Councils / Municipalities

Foreign Trade
- Commercial Representation
- Foreign Trade Policies Sector
- Union of the Chambers of Commerce

- Ministry Of Justice
  Land Registration Authority
  Constitutional Court

- Ministry Of Justice
   Information Strategy Plan (ISP)
  Court of Cassation, Prosecution office